Darstellerin in Returning Home
Performance – Installation
Your Home is where you’re happy / Returning home
immersive u. interaktive Performance in mehreren Teilen

Regie: Jos Porath
Weserstraße, Berlin-Neukölln
Artlake Festival, Niederlausitz-Germany

März / August 2017

>> Romanticising the Mansons: What immersive theatre production Returning Home can teach us about identity, judgement, mental health and our collective search for meaning. […]
Berlin-based production Returning Home is one such contemporary piece using an immersive theatre art installation format to explore ideas around community and communal living, power structures, the nature of love and family, and what exactly “home” can mean. […] At the epicentre of Returning Home is a man known to all as Papa, the charismatic epicentre of a strange world he’d created around him. […]
Audience members are invited in as guests, the idea being that those already “home” are awaiting new members to join them; and guests can move around the space more or less freely as they would at any private home that they have been invited to visit. Depending on the level of guest and family interaction, the backstories of the existing family emerge: each character brings an individual and often harrowing reason for seeking out such an intensely familial and close environment – some substance abuse, others family abuse, others the abuses thrown onto them form a society that is overarchingly unkind to those whose minds, bodies or philosophies differ from the norm. […] The format of the piece forces the audience into making decisions about who and what this family is, and what they are are not ok with in these strange circumstances. […] We ate together, didn’t wash, wore the same rather scratty clothes every day, chosen for us. What first seemed mildly gross very soon became rather nice. We didn’t have to make decisions, the trappings of modern life and the big bad outside world seemed so far away. <<

Emily Gosling: “returning home”, 2017 | Also magazine