Where the fuck is wonderland?

with Franziska Wirtensohn, Michael Wittmann
Isarbalkon Corneliusbrücke, Munich 2014
Film: Intro Peter Lustig [33 single frames]

The Show you dare not miss
The visitor pedals the old bicycle. With the help of the stroboscopic effect, the illusion of a continuous movement is created. To run for something can be experienced while pedalling. On interchangeable film strips you can see Fellini’s gaze, in another version you follow a sausage on a hook, like a donkey on a carrot. Rotating around the axis, turning around the centre, circling around the target.
Access to film sequences, as we know them from the cinema – the illusion machine – is provided. The object that comes to life only functions through the actions of the viewers, who become the players. They themselves drive their own illusion machinery.
Step backwards or forwards? Step closer! The sequence of images is set in motion. A bicycle ride – moving, struggling, rotating is simulated. Speed is self-determined. People pedal along according to their own ideas. Who is the donkey in here?



Do you hope in view of the world situation:
a. For reason?
b. For a miracle?
c. That things will continue as before?

Do you usually know what you hope for?

Suppose you distinguish between your own hopes and the hopes that others (parents, teachers, comrades, lovers) have for you: Do you feel more depressed when the former or when the latter are not fulfilled?


15 Questions from the Questionnaire by Max Frisch in German language
Spoken by Peter Weiss

Fragenglocke, sound installation
with Franziska Wirtensohn, Michael Wittmann | Bonnet: Michaela Andrae
Exhibition view: Annual Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich 2013