A swimming act | 2019
Künstlerhaus 1050, Vienna AT


The moment I was born, there was already not a drop of amniotic fluid left. In the theatre I had a hard time finding my role. In the end I was allowed to play the sea seal and crawl across the dusty stage. There I imagined the water at a 90 degree angle to the left, I thought the water overhead to the ceiling or I just pretended it was under me. Only gravity kept pulling. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and I woke up with a dry throat. My head ached from the day before. You were not there. No sound coming from the phone and I asked myself: Why don’t you call me? You do have my number.

Concept & Performance Jonas Beutlhauser, Elena Carr, Miriam Kruppa, Johannes Krenner, Franziska Schindler, Eva Sommer, Christina Widmann
Text Ingeborg Bachmann, Jonas Beutlhauser, Elena Carr
Coordination & Idea Jonas Beutlhauser and Elena Carr
Project cycle HABEN UND BRAUCHEN IN WIEN curated by Tim Voss