A swimming act as part of HABEN UND BRAUCHEN IN WIEN // The moment I was born, there was already not a drop of amniotic fluid left.

Synchronstimme, geh runter

Z common ground // When you are walking backwards and you scroll and you think you are reading but you are really just scrolling, the only thing close to your body is the phone.

K in Summercamp

We are the theatre that has a place for everyone, everyone in his [her] place

Verlegene Anekdoten

Vagabund:innen Land Tag with pamphlets by Gusto Gräser at Fahrender Raum, Munich. Gusto Gräser went far away to be published. …

Haltung Einnehmen

ReReRevolte present a parlour game. Those who cannot stand change and closeness lose. The number of players is arbitrary.


Graduate exhibition Academy of Fine Arts Munich
// rast rasten ausrasten