>> Elena Carr’s artistic medium is space, whereby her sculptural spectrum is oriented less towards specific materials than towards aesthetic potentials of perception and interpretation. She usually develops her objects and installations through various stages and media experimental arrangements, then presents them in different contexts, sometimes as autonomous sculptures, often as scenographic installations for performances or artistic video. An example of this multimedia approach is her so-called Gehschreibe Apparat, a bricolage-style vendor’s tray with various docking stations for analogue and digital apps for spontaneous recording and playback of audiovisual events. A vehicle that is both a costume reference to Oskar Schlemmer’s Tirodic Ballet and Jean Tinguely’s Metamatics and an ironic commentary on the society of control, as seen in the works of Pierre Huyghe. <<
Prof. Res Ingold

Gehschreibe | Jonas Beutlhauser and Elena Carr