Das Gehirn schwimmt doch auch

Franka Vogel writes about the tireless work ethic of the human brain and the attempt to calm the mind with Far Eastern meditation practices. Elena Carr takes a look at the everyday stage of the bath house and wonders about the necessity of single-cabin architecture and wellness services.
How to cope with life away from the beach?
Why does the increasing rationalisation of the world of work take us to the swimming pool and what does the architecture of the Olympic swimming hall have in common with a cubicle office?
At Munich Salon Irkutsk as well as in the Sub.TV Studio, the texts of the two art students met associatively, perhaps combining to form neuronal networks in the floating brains of the audience.

Das Gehirn schwimmt doch auch
Lecture Performance 2017
Franka Vogel & Elena Carr

Sub.TV Studio | Akademie der Bildenden Künste, 2017

Print series Das Gehirn schwimmt doch auch 2017