Cinema Românesc

Short Film Screenings
PAO (Potoc /RO)
Subzentrale Maximiliansforum Munich (GER)
Annual Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Munich (GER)
Faculty of Fine Arts Timișoara (RO)

Students from different classes at the Academy of Fine Arts embark on a transdisciplinary journey to Romania with the Munich collective TAM TAM to develop a multimedia workspace on site. In collaboration with the Romanian Experimental Architecture Summerschool PAO, a cinematographic installation is being created. The project will take place in a former school building in the village of Potoc, which will become an open stage for Cinema Românesc, short film screenings, installations, performances, experimental sound and workshops. Fragments of images will be juxtaposed associatively.

Coordination Elena Carr, Katharina Deml u. Lea Wilsdorf
With Anca, Michaela Brandl, Constantin von Canal, Costas Coman, Katharina Deml, Hardy Funk, Elena Haas, Peter Herr, Lorenz Mayr, Lucia Mirlach, Julia Mußgnug, Manuel Neboisa, Angela Neumair, NOT YET, Eveline Reinholz, Claudia Röhrle, Rumpeln, Cordula Schieri, Agnes Sophie Sowa, Hias Stadler, Nelly Stein, Pauline Stroux, Janina Totzauer, Sonja Wahler, Michael Wieczorek

Romanian Roulette, a narrative moment
Exhibition view Annual Exhibition Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 2017

Photo: Kilian Blees

The studio space becomes a shade, turn yourself inside the installation in a film made of single photos. The machine tells the story. A journey through time, a time shift, a small village in western Romania. A former village school becomes a working space. Fragments of images are juxtaposed associatively. Photographs build a film script while NOT YET realises the movement mechanism.